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Optimising accounts receivable processes is an advantage in the new-age digital economy. Advancements that keep up with your customers, enabling a system designed to streamline business operations and improve lasting customer experiences.

At IODM we’ve developed a software solution that ensures your accounts receivable process is efficient and streamlined, regardless of legacy systems or processes. As a trusted Australian technology partner of multi-national corporations, our results show that we… 

✓ Create value added work with time-saving processes.

✓ Reduce operational costs.

✓ Increase productivity wins: ease of change management in organisations of complex systems and process environments.

✓ Reduce back-office costs: organisations are looking for the next generation of staff savings, and implementing a digital workforce for a more cost-effective strategy than moving offshore or outsourcing.

✓ Develop engaging customer experiences at invoice payment.

The best software for an all-round accounts receivable procedure

Comprehensive yet so simple. Our team has developed a system that is easy to implement and use with little downtime.

Premium By Design – This package enables you to advance and optimise your accounts receivable department. A customisable system to help you gain order over your operational processes. Built to be scalable with your growth for seamless integration and implementation with existing processes and accounting and ERP systems.

Essentials – Ideal for businesses that require a system they can set and forget. It is perfect for business owners with limited accounting knowledge and expertise, allowing you to automate processes for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Keep your accounts receivable systems all in-house with our software

Outsourcing has been a popular tactic for Australian business who want to keep their overheads low. While it can be effective, managing and maintaining an offshore workforce brings its own headaches and makes it harder to retain control and quality. Our solutions enable even the smallest business to automate their processes and ensure accuracy, with a reliable, user-friendly system ensuring a small learning curve.

Discover the difference our software can make to your business

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