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Optimise credit management operations with data you can trust. IODM’s solutions are designed to work with your systems, overcoming the most complex of processes. Your data is information you can use and easily understand.

The IODM advantages;

✓ Increased transparency across all divisions

✓ Seamless real-time query communications

✓ Access to debtor reporting and analytics

✓ Staff friendly system – easy to understand, making their jobs easy

Credit management software solutions for big enterprises

Reduce the complexity of credit management during acquisition growth. Advance in on acquired ledgers and teams with a system to seamlessly streamline processes from the get go, get a handle of operations like never before. IODM works with enterprises to move through business improvement projects during their digital transformation periods.

Essentials – Designed as a set-and-forget solution for business, but with time to dedicate to managing the process.

Premium By Design – A comprehensive and tailored system fitting the largest of organisations to optimise complex processes.

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