IODM Connect Platinum

A bespoke solution for Corporate and Enterprise clients, that gives you cashflow control, visibility and operational efficiency.

Why choose IODM Connect - Platinum?

At IODM, we understand the technical challenges that large organisations face. Legacy systems are complex and integrating multiple platforms is almost impossible.

That’s why we created IODM Platinum, an easy to implement and integrate solution that expertly combines consultation with customisable features – ensuring you remain in control.


  • Notifications
  • Workflow Management
  • Query Management
  • Pay Now
  • Dashboard
  • Receipting
  • Credit Allocation
  • IODM Connect digitally transforms manual communication activities, so you can confidently reach all your customers in a timely and efficient way.
  • Designed to optimise customer interaction, the pre-defined reminder, collection and custom workflows save you time, energy, money & frustration.
Workflow Management
  • The IODM Connect ‘Task Manager’ enables optimal effectiveness of team activities every day.
  • Task Manager will provide intelligent daily recommendations on the key activities for your staff to complete ensuring timely communication with all relevant customers.
Query Management
  • Improve customer service with efficient query workflows allowing easy management and resolution of customer disputes.
  • Query workflows feature a two-way communication loop, that allows customers to immediately communicate important information to your team in real time, allowing faster resolution of issues.
Pay Now
  • Unlock faster payments with IODM Connect’s Pay-Now function.
  • IODM Connect’s payment gateway is a seamless method for customers to pay invoices instantly via Bank transfer, Credit Card or International FX payments.
  • IODM Platinum delivers business intelligence to your door. With visibility spanning multiple systems, and easy access to analytics via an intuitive dashboard, you’ll never miss an opportunity to improve business performance again. See Video
  • Better yet, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – IODM Platinum can be customised to plug into existing systems seamlessly.
  • Take back control. Regain precious time spent on matching invoices to receipts with our intelligent receipting module.
  • Watch as line items reconcile like magic; IODM Platinum automatically recognises deposits associated with customer invoices and allows you to manage unallocated deposits.
Credit Allocation
  • Personalise the credit process and improve customer experience with full transparency across credit notes, rebates, chargebacks and assumptions. Take charge – quickly and efficiently – by accessing smart functions that manage (and report on) allocated or unallocated credits at the click of a mouse.

Why Platinum?

Easy to Use

An intuitive digital solution that is easy to use and links in seamlessly to your existing software.

Full Transparency

Access an amazing reporting and analytics at your fingertips with a fully compliant and auditable trial.

Immediate Impact

See cash, flowing back into your business from day 1. Customers using IODM experience up to a 76% increase in cash receipts within the first year.


Platinum customers will benefit from an expert Onboarding & Success Team, access to Online Resources, a dedicated Account Manager and a 24/7 helpline.

IODM Connect - Platinum Demonstration

See the IODM Connect platform in action, to learn how easy it is to get control back of your accounts receivable.

Success Stories

What our customers are saying…
  • “IODM was simple and quick to implement, was easy to use and drove immediate, tangible benefits for our business. We saw a dramatic reduction in debtor days and an increase in cash flowing back into the business from day one!”
    Steven Taylor
    CEO, Adaptalift
  • “We’ve condensed the collections process timeframe, so not only are we getting paid faster, we are benefiting from funding cost reductions.”
    Jodie Hede
  • “I’m a huge fan of automating business processes, and IODM gets a big tick in terms of automating our accounts receivable procedure. It’s a big value add to the business.”
    Dusan Ruska
    Head of Finance, Crystal Group
    Crystal Group
  • “Japara chose IODM to assist in managing our collections process because of their innovative solutions and flexible communication methods that retains a respectful relationship with our residents and their representatives.”
    Michael Holloway
    Transaction Services Manager, Japara
  • “The IODM accounts receivable solution has allowed us to take invoicing and communication to another level.  By streamlining these activities, our team can now focus on quickly resolving any outstanding billing queries, improving cashflow, team and customer satisfaction.

    Jasmine Lynch
    Credit & Accounts Receivable Supervisor, Linde
    Linde Materials Handling
  • “I, like many other Credit Managers, are now expected to do more with less. Our debtor ledger has more than doubled, without any increase in headcount. IODM has transformed our cash collection process, significantly improved our debtor ledger and introduced tremendous workflow efficiencies.”
    Narelle Cirillo
    Group Credit Manager, Wilson Security
    Wilson Security

Discover how IODM Connect – Platinum can work for your business today.

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