The IODM Connect platform provides a gateway to a range of financial solutions to meet your business' individual needs.

The Problem We Solve

The cost of unpaid invoices remains one of the biggest challenges to a business’ growth by constricting cashflow and increasing working capital demands.

Add the thousands of hours of spent chasing outstanding debtors and the cost to business can run to the millions.

IODM provides an easy to connect platform to enterprises of any size, to quickly and easily get control back of your outstanding debtors. It communicates effortlessly with all of your customers, revolutionises your business cash flow, reduces debtor days and drives team efficiencies.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Leveraging the power of machine learning and cloud technology, IODM Connect's Intelligent and automated communication platform will transform inefficient processes and practices to get you back in control of your cashflow and focussed on what you do best.


A customised solution for Corporates and Enterprise clients.


A turnkey solution for Small and Medium businesses.

Value of invoices powered by the IODM system

as at 31/10/2021

Global Payments

Access payment solutions and risk management services that allow you to confidently and efficiently navigate international accounts payable and receivable transactions.

International Payments

Making international payments and receivables, easy and efficient.

FX Risk Mitigation

Protect your business from foreign currency fluctuations.

Invoice Financing

Get the funding your business needs to grow.

Leverage your unpaid invoices to support short-term cashflow management, with a simple, flexible line of credit.

Success Stories

What our customers are saying…
  • “IODM was simple and quick to implement, was easy to use and drove immediate, tangible benefits for our business. We saw a dramatic reduction in debtor days and an increase in cash flowing back into the business from day one!”
    Steven Taylor
    CEO, Adaptalift
  • “We’ve condensed the collections process timeframe, so not only are we getting paid faster, we are benefiting from funding cost reductions.”
    Jodie Hede
  • “I’m a huge fan of automating business processes, and IODM gets a big tick in terms of automating our accounts receivable procedure. It’s a big value add to the business.”
    Dusan Ruska
    Head of Finance, Crystal Group
    Crystal Group
  • “Japara chose IODM to assist in managing our collections process because of their innovative solutions and flexible communication methods that retains a respectful relationship with our residents and their representatives.”
    Michael Holloway
    Transaction Services Manager, Japara
  • “We’ve improved our end of financial position by 15% compared with the average position over the last three years.”
    Matthew Rowett
    Accountant, Financial Planner and Business Advisor, Murray Nankivell
    Murray Nankivell
  • “I, like many other Credit Managers, are now expected to do more with less. Our debtor ledger has more than doubled, without any increase in headcount. IODM has transformed our cash collection process, significantly improved our debtor ledger and introduced tremendous workflow efficiencies.”
    Narelle Cirillo
    Group Credit Manager, Wilson Security
    Wilson Security

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