Cash Allocation Tool

Streamline the Payment Reconciliation Process

Minimize the time and resources it takes to manage manual payment allocations and avoid delays, errors and cash flow disruptions with an automated process.

Deal with exceptions, not entire ledgers

Using RPA and AI to input data, the IODM Cash Allocation Tool captures payment data and allocates payments to the appropriate invoices automatically. Your finance team only has to focus on the exceptions – the system takes care of the rest.

Streamline Payment Allocations

Payment Matching

The Cash Allocation tool uses RPA, OCR and AI to input data from remittances, bank files and customer invoices to efficiently match payments.

Reduce Manual Processes

Prompt quick and immediate payments via customized Email and SMS reminders supported with relevant invoices and attachments.

Simple Approval Cues

Setting the logic, data is funneled into a UI to review and approve payments made via a ‘confidence’ system so you only need to deal with the exceptions.

Process & Efficiency Driven

Exception Only

Automate payment allocations so you only need to focus on the exceptions, not entire ledgers. Experience increased efficiencies and get back valuable time and resources.

Task Based System

Utilize meaningful insights to identify and resolve operational inefficiencies derailing payments.

Notes & Auditing

Keep track of the status on your AR process and update stakeholders with accurate, easy-to-understand and consolidated financials.

Allocate Payments & Adjustments

From within the system credit notes and adjustments can be raised to handle differences such as fees and surcharges.

Part Payments

Allocate what you know and return to finalize payment allocations when more information is available.

Improve Customer & Employee Experiences


Follow up on daily active tasks on all debtors requiring action downsizing time spent manually handling AR from 100 manhours/month to less than 5 minutes per day.

Interactive Customer Portal

Allow customers to allocate their own payments through the portal, including the ability for the payor to tick invoices being paid or attach remittance advice for processing.

Chat & Attach

‘Chat’ and ‘attach’ functions help allocate payments with limited information.

Collated Payments

Inter-company transfers help for multiple billing entities.

Utilize Teams Efficiently


Increase productivity, efficiencies and get real-time data and analytics for deeper insights.

Increased Productivity

All documents for the allocation process are shown in a single UI, no need to scamper through spreadsheets or emails to find relevant data, allowing your team to focus on the exceptions while the system does the rest.

Real Time Visibility

View your data in real time with a real time dashboard and have the ability to export further data points into data visualization software.


Scale your finance team with business growth by automating business process and reducing the volume of tedious manual tasks.

Built & ‘Tailor-Made’ For You

Personalisation & Customisation

Easy to set up and integrate, we work with you to customise the tool to match every requirement within your process.


Utilize meaningful insights to identify and resolve operational inefficiencies derailing payments.

Custom Built

Our team collaborates with you to develop and custom build a highly efficient and customisable payment allocation tool that solves your every need.


From within the system credit notes and adjustments can be raised to handle differences such as fees and surcharges.

Data Protection & Privacy


We safeguard the information you provide us and store the data securely via tiered security access levels within the relevant jurisdiction with full backups of its database hourly.

AWS Hosted

A cloud-based solution hosted via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

Data Storage

Data is stored securely within the relevant jurisdiction and is not transferred outside that jurisdiction.

Backup System

Full backup of its database daily, with delta backups every half hour.

Security Access

Tiered security access levels for security.

Quality & Reliability

Guaranteed quality & reliability with IODM Limited’s ISO 27001 Global Certification.

Committed To Your Success

Dedicated Support

Get full access to a dedicated support desk, assigned account manager and developers located locally in Australia.

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