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IODM was simple and quick to implement, was easy to use and drove immediate, tangible benefits for our business. We saw a dramatic reduction in debtor days and an increase in cash flowing back into the business from day one!

Steven Taylor

Simplicity in the hypercare! We provided a desired outcome to how we wanted our business and department to look. There has been no issue ever in accommodating our requests! We love it!

Kim Griffiths
Credit Improvement and Implementation Manager

IODM is great technology and a fantastic solution to the accounts receivable function within a business. It is a simple and efficient means of communicating with clients which yields immediate results. After overdue reminders are sent, we receive a flurry of remittance advices and if any invoices are queried, we are able to respond promptly which has helped reduce our debtor days.

Candice Perkins
Financial Controller

The IODM accounts receivable solution has allowed us to take invoicing and communication to another level. By streamlining these activities, our team can now focus on quickly resolving any outstanding billing queries, improving cashflow, team and customer satisfaction.

Jasmine Lynch
Credit & Accounts Receivable Supervisor

After a relatively simple implementation stage, we launched IODM to manage our Accommodation Accounts Receivables. Following significant early success in collecting both historic and current outstanding payments, we are now reviewing results and considering further implementation to roll out the solution to our tuition fee Accounts Receivables. IODM & Convera have provided a platform that has allowed the London School of Economics to not only improve efficiency managing accounts receivables but also significantly improve cashflow.

Malcolm Bird
Deputy Head of Fees, Income and Credit Control

IODM made us be able to flex around with increased activity… our ED is the busiest in the state… and I haven’t had to put on 10 more staff. We’ve been able to do it with our existing team.

Kathryn Bartho
Director Operational Resources

IODM has helped us improve internal processes and increase staff efficiency.

Paul Kocsis
General Manager Finance

Thank you to the IODM team for providing a quick, efficient, and easy-to-use platform, it has definitely assisted in our cash collections.

Katrina Bromley​​
Credit Supervisor

Our debtor ledger has more than doubled, without any increase in headcount. IODM has transformed our cash collection process, significantly improved our debtor ledger and introduced tremendous workflow efficiencies.

Narelle Cirillo
Group Credit Manager

Automating processes at the following…

Automating processes at the following…

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